Category: Eyeglasses Aid Project

We Trans Ocean sailors should leave the people and places better than we found them. Therefore we are intensively engaged in how we can put our claim into practice.

We will be visiting small islands in the Pacific Ocean with very limited access to the outside world. Very often it is sailors like us who carry out the transport with supplies, mail and spare parts from the larger to the smaller islands.
In current video reports from other sailors you can also see that there is already a lot going on there besides satellite TV. There are even small ambulances, which can be supported by donations in kind from the on-board pharmacy. Usually only the visitors wear glasses there, whereas the locals will have the same eye problems.
Without glasses, life would have been very different for us and I could not write this article now. There are already great projects like sailing doctors, sailing dentists, and circumnavigators with an eye screening case from the H.I.T. Foundation Hamburg, Germany. Only one project sailing “auxiliary opticians” as we plan to do, we have not found yet.

We do not want to and will not compete with any local optician or other aid organisation in any way. We only want to help people with our possibilities who have not had the chance to be provided with glasses until now.

And how we want to prepare and implement our glasses aid project can be followed in this blog. Like-minded people welcome!