Three auxiliary concepts for spectacle supply compared

This is what one of the 4 US dollar glasses from Global Vision 2020 looks like. There will be a more detailed article in the upcoming Trans Ocean Magazine, for which we have prepared the following comparison table:

OrganizationGlobal Vision 2020H.I.T Foundation HamburgEindollarbrille e. V.
Target GroupAllChildrenAll
Eye examinationWith examination set worth 200 US dollars by trained amateursWith screening kit worth 5,000 Euros by trained amateursConventional or by opticians who are at least certified by the association
OrganizationFlexibelVery formalVery formal
Spectacle framesPlastic frame with spring hingesVarious framesVarious shapes and sizes made of special bending wire
Eyeglasses productionBy clicking in the lensesAt opticians in GermanyBy locals with special glasses bending machines
Plastic glasses24 thicknesses transparent available, with UV protection in planningIndividually adapted26 thicknesses transparent and with UV protection available  
Material costs 3 – 4 US DollarAs in Germany 1 US Dollar
Costs for target groupNoneNone2 daily wages
QualitySatisfactoryVery GoodGood
Summary– Large target group
– Cost-effective
– Flexible
– Completely realizable for laymen
– Small target group
– High costs
– Sophisticated logistics
– Laypersons only carry out the investigation
– Large target group
– Cost-effective
– Bureaucratic
– Laymen only welcome as supporters
NoteSimple, well thought-out concept. Just the right thing for us long distance sailors. Additional frames for small children are in planningA lot of effort is put into ensuring that some children in developing countries receive individual glasses from GermanyA holistic development aid concept. Locals are trained to become opticians and eyeglass producers who can earn their living by selling the glasses
Costs 500 USD with 100 glassesExamination set 5,000 EuroNo offer received  

 All data are approximate values and without guarantee

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