Looking Ahead – with Analysis Eyeglasses

The USee™ Vision Kit of GLOBAL VISION 2020 is now available!

Ok, not the whole, but already the examination set with USee™ analysis glasses. With these goggles, 25 different visual acuity levels can be set and read. The set contains a sample of each of the three current frames with spring hinges for automatic head size adjustment and most of the 50 different lenses that fit into the standard frames.


Ok, the sample set has been around for quite a while, but until now I was not in the mood to look ahead because of the COVID19 crisis. But now I have passed my personal low and I am thinking again about our upcoming world trip. Then we would like to provide people in remote areas with glasses with our eyeglass aid project as opticians in aid. As a guest present so to speak!


With the North American aid organisation GLOBAL VISION 2020 we have found a partner who supports us optimally with its simple and inexpensive system. Now that I, as a former product manager, have concluded the “Global Sourcing” with the procurement of samples, the sample test has now come. And as an experienced quality manager I can say that this simple system exceeds our demands by far! It can be used to supply a great many people with glasses who previously had no possibility of obtaining glasses.

Contents of the large USee™ Kit of GLOBAL VISION 2020:

  • 1 x USee™ analysis eyeglasses with case
  • 250 x frame (black, brown, blue)
  • approx. 530 – 540 x lenses, different strengths
  • 250 x finished reading glasses (+1.5,+2.5,+3.5)
  • 2 x distance diagram
  • 1 x reading diagram
  • 1 x measuring tape
  • 500 x microfibre bag


They are currently working on a smaller set, which after providing people in remote areas with glasses and explaining the simple principle of leaving it to the people for sustainability. I.e. at the next school, the infirmary or at the chief. It doesn’t cost the world, but it will change the perceptible world of people with low vision forever.


Until our departure next year, there will also be a smaller version of glasses for primary school children. The current USee kit is suitable for people from the teenage age.

Furthermore, sun protection lenses in the 25 different vision strengths for the existing frames are already planned for the coming year.

Join in!?

Who would also like to help other people who urgently need a visual aid to secure their existence and also buy a Mini USee™ Vision Kit for a three-figure euro amount? We would very much like to place a collective order with GLOBAL VISION 2020 at the end of the year.

Further information at: ahoi (at) welt-ahoi.de