What an Honour! – An old tradition is continued

Today we received surprising mail from our sailing comrades Simone and Dirk, who especially honoured me, as a former member of the German Navy, with a very special medal and a corresponding certificate. In 2015 we met Simone and Dirk in Ijmuiden on our return journey from the Caribbean. They told us about their plans on their sailing yacht Germane and we told them about our experiences. In the meantime, we followed their preparations on Facebook and wish them all the best and safe travels in the high latitudes at the Arctic Circle! There is also a short article about our meeting in our book on page 277.

They have written about the medal that was sent, among other things:

“Our sailing yacht GERMANE and the associated diving and sailing project 66° 33′ NORTH are worthy of a special medal. After retirement we set sails without fixed destinations, routes or time frames. Our focus is the northern hemisphere, boundaries set by nature and not by politics. We want to explore remote places, nature and cultures. We look forward to meeting extraordinary people and enjoying life. Historically, medals have been awarded by the unit commanders in recognition of special achievements by a member of the unit…

… We want to give those who have supported us in an outstanding way a medal as a sign of appreciation or simply as a sign of recognition: “Thank you”! To keep everyone in good memory and somehow connected, the medals are personalized. The medals have consecutive numbers; each number is linked to its owner. Simone and Dirk keep #1 and #2, all following numbers are in chronological order. A list of all medal owners is kept on Sailing Yacht GERMANE.
Simone & Dirk”

Thank you very much, the medal with the number 007 will get a place of honour!